Aside from their ubiquitous search engine and mail service, no other Google creation is more important to the business world than Google Apps for Work. By creating the ultimate online collaborative space, Google has solved the major issues that used to plague all businesses – from start-ups to established companies.

If you are yet to incorporate this productivity suite into your workflow, then you should check out the following advantages.

Backup and Sync

Say goodbye to missing files! With Google Apps for Work, your company no longer has to deal with backup issues. Not even device malfunction or a power outage can delete that accounting spreadsheet you’ve been working so hard on. All docs are automatically saved on your Google Drive as you edit.

No internet? No problem! As long as you save your files offline, you can access and edit them easily. Any changes are saved and will sync once you get access again. Now you no longer have to ask for the full doc when you’re on a different workstation, or you’re working from home. And because it is linked to your company’s Google log-in, only authorized people can access the data.

Collaboration done right

Because everything is online, multiple people can access a document at the same time. A built-in chat and comment feature makes communication even easier, too – so your team can collaborate on documents, even if you’re on opposite sides of the world.

It’s grab-and-go

Google allows you to customize many things for your company’s individual needs. However, everything else is already set up for you to use straight away. These apps are meant to have a minimal learning curve, so their interface and functions are familiar to anyone who has used their offline counterparts before.


As the world converges online, it’s impossible to ignore the impact to your team’s productivity that Google Apps for Work can give. Work processes can be streamlined, and both uptime and security can be improved. And the best part is that it doesn’t have to cost you a fortune!