When you’re on a quest to buy a high-quality air purifier, it’s important to search for a model that provides multiple functions of purifying the air. Most people usually start their search with a specific problem to resolve—cigarette smoke, unpleasant odors, mold, and mildew among other things. On the other hand, all purifiers are created differently and some usually solve problems better than others, even among multi-function units. It’s thus important to have the right information at hand to guide you in buying a high-quality air purifier at all times.

You can guide yourself to buying the best air purifier by asking a few questions:


To determine the appropriate size air purifier for your needs, articulate the actual size of the room you want to purify. You can easily do this by measuring the length and width of the room in feet and multiplying the two figures together. After getting the correct measurements, find a unit with a recommended square foot coverage area that corresponds to your room’s square footage. This specific information can be found in the product’s specifications manual under “Manufacturer-Suggested Room Size.”

If you experience occasional asthma or allergies and are in search of a purifier to help suppress those symptoms, consider buying a unit with ACH (air change per hour). ACH is the frequency under which a machine can filter the entire volume of air in any given space per hour. Air purifiers that have the capacity to clean air at least four times per hour in any given space are an excellent option for asthma-and allergy-prone people.

ACH purifiers are highly effective in keeping germs-causing allergens at bay, which allows you to breathe more easily and effortlessly. You can find this specific information in the product’s specifications manual under “Room Size for 4 ACH.” Before purchase, check whether the numbers match with the square foot coverage of your room to ensure you pick the exact model you’re seeking.


After selecting the kind of air purifier you need, substantiate whether or not there are other additional features you’d like included. The features may range from remote controls, digital controls, handles for easy mobility, caster wheels to air quality sensors, programmable timers, multiple fan speeds and so on. Choose any whose features you think would help improve your experience more in your day-to-day life.


Some experts suggest you put your air purifier in the bedroom since this is where you spend most of your time. It’s also worth to know, most air purifiers are tailored specifically to clean air in a single room only. If you wish to clean air in other rooms, you can add more units or select one that has handles, caster wheels, and other portability functions to make it possible to drag into different rooms.

Although if you’ve more cash to burn, think of owning a full house air purifier to clean air in every room around the house. All that’s required to start experiencing the added benefits is to fix the unit to your house’s HVAC system in order to clean your indoors every time you cool, heat, or ventilate your home.


The level of noise an air purifier makes should be taken into consideration upon purchase since they’re usually put in places in which you spend the most time. A noisy purifier is bothersome and infuriating, which becomes even more of a pain every time you try to get some sleep. Conversely, a quiet purifier gives you more peace of mind, thus allowing to enjoy a lovely and uninterrupted sleep all the time. Before buying any air purifier, make sure to first check each unit’s noise level to ensure you pick the one with minimal noise which you can tolerate.


If your unit contains a filter, make sure to replace the filters based on how the manufacturer has instructed to ensure your purifier works normally. You may also want to change your air purifier’s filters at different intervals, depending on how many filters your unit uses. Another important factor to check is each filter’s cost, and the maximum period they’re most likely to last. Make sure to read the product specification‘s manual carefully to be safe.

For more convenience, some purifiers have one combination filter which makes replacement efforts become such a breeze since only a one-time change is required. Other units don’t require any filter replacement at all, so be sure to shop for an air purifier that suits your specific taste and preference.

Buying an air purifier shouldn’t be an overwhelming and difficult affair like many think. Being aware of what details to check when searching for the best air purifier in Malaysia is key to finding a high-quality unit that meets all the purpose you need. Next time you go shopping, ask any of the above questions to increase your chances of buying a durable and long-lasting air purifier that never disappoints!