The desire to grow a bigger and shapelier butt is becoming more and more popular among many young millennials nowadays. The tremendous growth in technology and medicinal science has made it possible and quite easy for people to undergo through butt augmentation. This gives them a more rounded and refined butt they have always dream about. Those wishing to grow a bigger and more beautiful butt and feel good in their yoga pants can easily do so through butt injections. Below are 5 different types which people can choose from.

1. Fat injection

Also known as the “Brazilian” butt lift, the fat injection is considered among the most popular methods of butt augmentation. The physician asks the patient from which part of the body they would like their excessive fats removed—abdomen, back, and thighs. After the patient is deemed fit, fat is extracted from these areas, purified, and channeled in the buttocks. The recovery period takes about four weeks, after which the patient can check-out and return to work.

2. Hydrogel injections

Hydrogel injections are prohibited across many countries such as the US, although the market is very much alive and kicking. Hydrogel injections solution consists of 97.5% water and a small amount of polyacrylamide. However, many cosmetic surgeons warn against using this particular treatment because of the sheer number of complaints and complications that have arisen in patients, from the use of this procedure. Also, the drug has no regulation that’s why it’s cheaper than other treatments. Nevertheless, patients can still purchase their own hydrogel kit in the black markets at any time.


PMMA (polymethyl-methacrylate) is coined from the term Artefill. It’s FDA approved in many countries around Asia and the US, but many people find it difficult to use this drug due to its high price. Sometimes the procedure can fetch more than RM 422,970.00. On the other hand, depending on the level of enhancement a patient’s buttocks need, the cost can become a bit lower.

4. Silicone butt injection

One of the most common and widely used materials to enhance the buttocks is silicone. Silicone implants are frequently used in the breasts and butt area of the female body. Silicone is also now available in a liquid form, and nowadays the material is commonly used in butt injections. Even though the FDA thinks the solid form to be a safe material, the liquid form nevertheless is still deemed illegal. This means anyone who opts for a silicone butt injection would need to find a doctor whom they trust to administer treatment, though under the radar. People should be careful when using this particular drug. Many patients have experienced movements of the silicone material to other parts of the body and inflammation of body tissues, from the use of this procedure.

5. Unbranded injections

Unbranded injections are often regarded as the most fatal and lethal solution available due to their adverse and potential side-effects. The intake of even a considerable dose can lead to severe complications in a patient, and sometimes, may also result in death. Too often, these injections are provided by unlicensed physicians, even though they usually let known of the side-effects and leave all responsibility to the patient. Dubious companies develop these drugs using substandard materials, hence not good for the skin.

Buttock injections are a non-invasive procedure that can be performed and finished on an out-patient basis. The treatment only requires a local anesthetic and minimal downtime from work and normal activities. Those who wish to have a bigger and shapelier butt should try any of the butt injections treatments provided above. All the same, it’s important to consult with a dermatologist or nutritionist first before choosing butt injections as the most viable option for growing a bigger and shapelier butt.